The Joy that Comes from Letting Go

This morning I found this story I wrote last summer just before our boys left for college. A lot has changed since then, especially me. “It’s going to be a big change with them coming home in a couple weeks,” I said to my husband last night. We had no arguing among boys and a ton of fun like newlyweds. “Yes, it will be hard, … Continue reading The Joy that Comes from Letting Go

Don’t Be Afraid to Change-up Your Routine

I remember saying something in my 20s about not liking routines and my friend reminding me my life was made up of them: brushing teeth, doing laundry, checking mail, paying bills, etc. Of course it was. We humans are creatures of habit. Some of our routines may include habits we’re not proud of, but we have them, and they’re really hard to change if we … Continue reading Don’t Be Afraid to Change-up Your Routine

No Limits: A Mother’s Love

“Don’t hold them too much,” she said. “You don’t want to spoil them.” I was surprised at this mom’s advice to me as a soon-to-be mother of twins and decided it was something I just wasn’t willing to do. After all, there were two of them. My time would be split between them enough; I couldn’t help but hold them and tell them how much … Continue reading No Limits: A Mother’s Love

Little Moments

“Is it okay if I run inside with you so I can see your brother too?” I asked after parking the car, trying not to be an intrusive mom, invading a college student’s space. “Sure,” he said, “come on.” Upon entering the dorm, he quickly opened the door near the elevator and started running (like I had requested, lol) up the steps. “Let’s go this way,” he … Continue reading Little Moments