Don’t Be Afraid to Change-up Your Routine

I remember saying something in my 20s about not liking routines and my friend reminding me my life was made up of them: brushing teeth, doing laundry, checking mail, paying bills, etc. Of course it was. We humans are creatures of habit. Some of our routines may include habits we’re not proud of, but we have them, and they’re really hard to change if we … Continue reading Don’t Be Afraid to Change-up Your Routine

Never Stop Learning

It’s really true. If you didn’t know this about me before, I really love to learn. I am a Nerd. And, now, since my boys are enrolled full-time in college, I figured I’d join them and enroll myself too, so we’re all college students! I admit, I was a little anxious when I received my very first assignment from my professor today, who is a … Continue reading Never Stop Learning