Bound Together

It was my honor to hold my grandmother’s hand today just like she held mine as a child. She’s lived a beautiful life – almost 101 years – and will be leaving us very soon… I wrote this story late last night and hope it brings you a good laugh. Truly, there is something really special about being bound together. The eldest just made it … Continue reading Bound Together

Don’t Doubt the Power of Prayer… and Patience

I had not yet even gone to see where we would be building two tiny blue houses that wouldn’t be wired with electricity or have running water, and I was already crying. We had landed on the beautiful island of Jamaica the day before and had settled in a safely guarded area of Ocho Rios before we visited the historic church in St. Ann, where … Continue reading Don’t Doubt the Power of Prayer… and Patience

Working Behind the Scenes

Click this link to view more pictures and view event info. here too! __________________________________________________________________ Just for fun, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what I was doing over the weekend. Honestly, most people have no idea what I do at my full-time job, lol. In fact, just today a new middle school student who passed me on the stairwell asked, “Are you the secretary?” … Continue reading Working Behind the Scenes