When My Heart Found Christmas

It was a cold, overcast, dreary day, much like today, when I received the call after walking home from work in the dismal dark. “You’re hired” is all I remember him saying. “Thank you,” I replied and with that information my life began changing. All the dreams of living and working in our nation’s capital had become a reality and at that moment, my dream … Continue reading When My Heart Found Christmas

Don’t Doubt the Power of Prayer… and Patience

I had not yet even gone to see where we would be building two tiny blue houses that wouldn’t be wired with electricity or have running water, and I was already crying. We had landed on the beautiful island of Jamaica the day before and had settled in a safely guarded area of Ocho Rios before we visited the historic church in St. Ann, where … Continue reading Don’t Doubt the Power of Prayer… and Patience

Steinhatchee: More Than Scallops

Since the time I wrote this story two years ago, my grandmother’s house has withstood another hurricane. Mom said she couldn’t endure another clean-up after a flood, so she and my dad worked hard over the past eight months to have it raised from almost completely ground level to preserve it. It looks a little different now that it’s a little bit closer to heaven, … Continue reading Steinhatchee: More Than Scallops