The Joy that Comes from Letting Go

This morning I found this story I wrote last summer just before our boys left for college. A lot has changed since then, especially me. “It’s going to be a big change with them coming home in a couple weeks,” I said to my husband last night. We had no arguing among boys and a ton of fun like newlyweds. “Yes, it will be hard, … Continue reading The Joy that Comes from Letting Go

Make it a Merry Christmas

One of my most vivid childhood Christmas memories involved reading Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” by the fireplace and catching a whiff of my favorite fuzzy pink slippers starting to smoke while my feet were propped up on the raised hearth. Though I was terrified momentarily, it was a good memory because I was snuggled-up, much like I am tonight, experiencing a beautiful “silent night” … Continue reading Make it a Merry Christmas

Let a Girl Laugh, Be Silly and, Yes, Be Empowered

Every morning and throughout the day, I enjoy glancing through the nation’s top newspapers’ news feeds, so this morning, when I saw an article titled, “Want to Raise an Empowered Girl? Then Let Her Be Funny,” I immediately clicked on it. I smiled, laughed, and started recounting my own silliness, similar to the girl in the Washington Post story about Laurie Menser, a 7 or … Continue reading Let a Girl Laugh, Be Silly and, Yes, Be Empowered

Not Getting What We Think We Want

Specific prayers receive specific answers. Those were the words on the graphic I texted my boys this morning who have been studying hard this week (and all semester) for their midterm exams in classes including: Principles of Accounting, Microeconomics, Astronomy, Calculus I and Physics I. I remember taking courses as a freshman in the major I first chose in college as well. In fact, my … Continue reading Not Getting What We Think We Want

No Limits: A Mother’s Love

“Don’t hold them too much,” she said. “You don’t want to spoil them.” I was surprised at this mom’s advice to me as a soon-to-be mother of twins and decided it was something I just wasn’t willing to do. After all, there were two of them. My time would be split between them enough; I couldn’t help but hold them and tell them how much … Continue reading No Limits: A Mother’s Love

Little Moments

“Is it okay if I run inside with you so I can see your brother too?” I asked after parking the car, trying not to be an intrusive mom, invading a college student’s space. “Sure,” he said, “come on.” Upon entering the dorm, he quickly opened the door near the elevator and started running (like I had requested, lol) up the steps. “Let’s go this way,” he … Continue reading Little Moments

Never Stop Learning

It’s really true. If you didn’t know this about me before, I really love to learn. I am a Nerd. And, now, since my boys are enrolled full-time in college, I figured I’d join them and enroll myself too, so we’re all college students! I admit, I was a little anxious when I received my very first assignment from my professor today, who is a … Continue reading Never Stop Learning