God Is In My Ice Cream

[ WATCH QUICK VIDEO ABOVE BEFORE READING ] Standing in the front row with no distractions, the song changed and as I read the lyrics displayed on the wall and sang, I was ready to breakdown and sob as my throat tightened and my voice strained. There’s not another way to describe it, but if you stood in my shoes this morning, you’d understand. There’s … Continue reading God Is In My Ice Cream

The Day I Truly Began to Live

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve probably discovered a common theme in every post… This post is no different. — I’m posting it a day early. Do something special tomorrow, will you? It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary; truly, the best things to me are finding the extraordinary in the ordinary…  Out of the 365 days in a year, I bet almost every … Continue reading The Day I Truly Began to Live

Make it a Merry Christmas

One of my most vivid childhood Christmas memories involved reading Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” by the fireplace and catching a whiff of my favorite fuzzy pink slippers starting to smoke while my feet were propped up on the raised hearth. Though I was terrified momentarily, it was a good memory because I was snuggled-up, much like I am tonight, experiencing a beautiful “silent night” … Continue reading Make it a Merry Christmas

Not Getting What We Think We Want

Specific prayers receive specific answers. Those were the words on the graphic I texted my boys this morning who have been studying hard this week (and all semester) for their midterm exams in classes including: Principles of Accounting, Microeconomics, Astronomy, Calculus I and Physics I. I remember taking courses as a freshman in the major I first chose in college as well. In fact, my … Continue reading Not Getting What We Think We Want

What’s on Your To Do List?

Routines. I haven’t found my perfect one… Yet. Through every life phase, I’ve adapted. This time is no different. I’m adapting, trying to figure out what I need to add and what I need to subtract from my daily life. This past Monday, a group of ladies and I welcomed over a dozen 2nd through 4th graders to my boys’ alma mater’s very first Good … Continue reading What’s on Your To Do List?