Kate Spade: More Than a Label

Another life was claimed today to suicide: Kate Spade’s. I knew her name because I admired it on purses from afar, but never actually owned one myself. She was a designer and I didn’t know much else about her until I watched tonight’s evening news. [Telephone Ring, TV Pause] “Hi Dad,” I said as I answered the phone, then promptly instructed my youngest son not … Continue reading Kate Spade: More Than a Label

Seeking Answers and Finding Solutions

My dad is one if the wisest people I know. I realize most daughters say that about their dads, but in my case it’s really true; he really can remember mathematical formulas and the dates and times of his college classes, and that absolutely blows my mind.  Today, when he stopped by, I asked his opinion about our youngest son taking Calculus III and Differential … Continue reading Seeking Answers and Finding Solutions

The Joy that Comes from Letting Go

This morning I found this story I wrote last summer just before our boys left for college. A lot has changed since then, especially me. “It’s going to be a big change with them coming home in a couple weeks,” I said to my husband last night. We had no arguing among boys and a ton of fun like newlyweds. “Yes, it will be hard, … Continue reading The Joy that Comes from Letting Go

Be a Simple Man – or Woman

I once read that the first thing people should see is YOU, not your clothes. A famous fashion designer, Michael Kors, said it, so it especially intrigued me and made me think of all the times I noticed a person’s clothes first. Growing-up, it was on Easter morning when all the moms and daughters wore new dresses to church. When I traveled to Washington, D.C. … Continue reading Be a Simple Man – or Woman

God Is In My Ice Cream

[ WATCH QUICK VIDEO ABOVE BEFORE READING ] Standing in the front row with no distractions, the song changed and as I read the lyrics displayed on the wall and sang, I was ready to breakdown and sob as my throat tightened and my voice strained. There’s not another way to describe it, but if you stood in my shoes this morning, you’d understand. There’s … Continue reading God Is In My Ice Cream