What’s on Your To Do List?

Routines. I haven’t found my perfect one… Yet. Through every life phase, I’ve adapted. This time is no different. I’m adapting, trying to figure out what I need to add and what I need to subtract from my daily life. This past Monday, a group of ladies and I welcomed over a dozen 2nd through 4th graders to my boys’ alma mater’s very first Good … Continue reading What’s on Your To Do List?

Little Moments

“Is it okay if I run inside with you so I can see your brother too?” I asked after parking the car, trying not to be an intrusive mom, invading a college student’s space. “Sure,” he said, “come on.” Upon entering the dorm, he quickly opened the door near the elevator and started running (like I had requested, lol) up the steps. “Let’s go this way,” he … Continue reading Little Moments

How to Make the Fairy Tale Marriage Come True

My dad and I had just walked to the gym to workout yesterday when I looked-up in the weight room and saw Princes Harry and William on the news retracing the steps they took as teens after their mom died 20 years ago. They reminded me of my own sons and in many ways as they were growing-up, I often thought of Princess Diana and … Continue reading How to Make the Fairy Tale Marriage Come True