Don’t Doubt the Power of Prayer… and Patience

I had not yet even gone to see where we would be building two tiny blue houses that wouldn’t be wired with electricity or have running water, and I was already crying. We had landed on the beautiful island of Jamaica the day before and had settled in a safely guarded area of Ocho Rios before we visited the historic church in St. Ann, where … Continue reading Don’t Doubt the Power of Prayer… and Patience

Working Behind the Scenes

Click this link to view more pictures and view event info. here too! __________________________________________________________________ Just for fun, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what I was doing over the weekend. Honestly, most people have no idea what I do at my full-time job, lol. In fact, just today a new middle school student who passed me on the stairwell asked, “Are you the secretary?” … Continue reading Working Behind the Scenes

Never Stop Learning

It’s really true. If you didn’t know this about me before, I really love to learn. I am a Nerd. And, now, since my boys are enrolled full-time in college, I figured I’d join them and enroll myself too, so we’re all college students! I admit, I was a little anxious when I received my very first assignment from my professor today, who is a … Continue reading Never Stop Learning

Happily Ever After

“I never planned this part of my life,” I said with a laugh, telling my friend about life after raising boys. I had only dreamed about my future career, marriage and life with children, and there we were about to embark on a new adventure together. The teacher was experienced. He knew exactly what he was talking about and even though I’d been a volunteer … Continue reading Happily Ever After

Finding the Good in the Bad = Living

A story on my heart today…  After writing it, my sister made me laugh out loud when she told me she was teaching a 45-year-old friend how to drive today. She gave me another laugh when she texted, “You wanted to learn to drive stick shift. Unfortunately, you never learned to drive stick that I’m aware of, lol.” But I did and her lessons really … Continue reading Finding the Good in the Bad = Living