If you are finding my website via my Facebook page or an old website I’ve designed, welcome! I’m currently in a state of transition with my twin boys graduating high school and starting college. I do a little bit of everything it seems and have learned so much since I myself became an adult like my boys. Here’s a little about me below. If I can be of service to you, please let me know

I wish someone had told me in high school to pursue the subject I loved (art/advertising) in college instead of the occupation of the coolest woman I knew who drove a Mercedes Benz. I loved her look and lifestyle and wanted it for my own. I guess it was a blessing I took accounting my very first quarter in college because that’s when I realized I absolutely detested my chosen major that went by the very same name: accounting. My boss at the time, the Director of Admissions at Valdosta State, suggested I pursue communications, and that’s what I did. Much of what I learned then, I use now. (I also minored in journalism.)

Later, after having children, I created my own freelance design business selling stationery with custom graphic designs, mostly to my friends. While our boys were in school, I earned a Digital Media Certificate, which landed me a job working for my alma mater as their first-ever Director of Development after starting a successful web design business and volunteering for years doing PR and working on special projects at our boys’ school and in our county. I also freelanced as a writer and photographer for our local newspaper. (In fact, I still do!)

I have discovered over the years that I am passionate about communication and solving problems. In my job, I use creative projects to solve problems with photography, graphic design and storytelling. I’ve also used these same skills as a volunteer at my boys’ school, for their athletic teams, at my church and anywhere else I have felt led to serve.

The one word that describes me these days is “simple.” Before embarking on any project, I do my research and simplify it down to the bare necessities, which usually saves money and time – the two things most people put a premium on.

Thanks for stopping by. Join me as I continue simplifying my life, all the way to the finish line!

Less is truly more.